Igor Bekker


With an entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to hit the ground running, Igor uses analytics as a foundation but speaks the languages necessary to balance IT and Marketing. He overcomes extreme challenges with agility while continuing to execute on the digital roadmap at hand. His insight into consumer behavior leads to cultivating an exceptionally personalized and profitable experience across all digital platforms that result in customer-lifetime-value increase. , while his finance skills are proven to cut costs and increase ROI.  His ability to build relationships, present to partner peers at the c-suite level and adapt to a unique corporate culture makes him an invaluable asset to any team.
Digital Strategy

An exceptionally quick learner with excellent problem solving skills, Igor works very well under pressure and tight deadlines to create and execute on innovative, results-driven strategies. His leadership style – which involves building and delegating to expert teams, winning trust and taking calculated risks to ensure success – and knowledge have led him to become the go-to resource for all things digital.

What sets Igor apart from other digital strategists is the fact that he is equally fluent in languages spoken by marketers and IT professionals. He is thus able to harness the skills and talents of multiple teams and create a cohesive strategy that crosses departments to increase customer acquisition and retention, drive sales, and accurately measure performance.


Using analytics as a foundation for growth, Igor specializes in creating an exceptional customer experience by personalizing the digital journey, testing and measuring each initiative along the way. Providing an optimized user experience leads to increased traffic, a higher conversion rate and AOV, and an extended customer-lifetime-value.

He is highly skilled at negotiating contracts with outside resources and systems to cut costs and increase ROAS. This allows budget to be reallocated toward revenue-driving efforts, thus producing more impactful financial results. Additionally, he excels at managing and working with creative teams to produce compelling content that grows brand reach, awareness, engagement and revenue every step of the way.


Igor’s technological prowess spans all major platforms and channels. He offers a wealth of experience with enterprise-level ecommerce platforms, email service providers as well as analytics and attribution tools, A/B testing and ad tech stack DSP/programmatic systems.

Another area of expertise is the creation and implementation of digital PMOs that maximize global communications, consistency, and project success and governance. This works toward rebuilding creative and productive processes to produce numerous campaigns and asset libraries while greatly improving efficiency and performance. Equipped with these strategies and roadmaps, teams are able to grow and scale at an accelerated rate.

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