Igor Bekker


With an impressive portfolio that speaks to a wide range of expertise in digital marketing, Igor brings years of experience producing profitable results in the realms of ecommerce operations, multi-channel marketing, and overall digital strategy. He has managed over $100MM of global digital business and made visionary, quantifiable contributions to digital marketing, ad tech, product distribution, and development for multiple international brands, startups and enterprises.
Team Building
Assembles diverse, cross-functional teams and assigns ownership of the customer journey, establishing a customer-centric organization structure that aligns itself with its customers and improves their satisfaction.
Strategy and Execution
Using digital technologies, identifies critical data elements, KPIs, and cross-touchpoint metrics to improve performance of organizations and drive digital business transformation.
Business Process and Optimization
Creates efficient processes and operations that determine teams, protocol and partners that ultimately support the customer ecosystem
Customer Journey Building
Develops critical customer journey maps to tell stories and give an overview of a customer’s experience from initial contact through the entire engagement process. Provides an outside-in view while giving meaning to what motivates customers and what pain points they experience across all touchpoints.
User Experience
Defines audience needs by translating brand and product needs into a strategic, connected user experience. Spearheads research, customer communications and decisions that lead to final product design.

Digital Strategy

Adtech/Programmatic Building/Execution
Creates and implements programmatic adtech initiatives via DMPs and DSPs to maximize efficiency, accuracy and ROAS.
Acquisition and Retention
Identifies, targets and grows consumer demographics through the use of strategic scenario analysis, market segmentation and lookalike audience modeling. Leverages best practice display, search, affiliate, remarketing and retargeting, and paid social strategies to continuously increase both acquisition and retention rates.
Planning and Budgets
Takes a goal-oriented approach to financial planning, employing both top-down and bottom-up forecasting tactics to establish and plan a budget around specific targets and benchmarks.
Content Marketing
Incorporates content strategies that drive profitable action by remaining focused on the creation, curation and distribution of valuable, relevant content that drives brand awareness, customer acquisition, retention and engagement.
Analytics and Attribution
Employs analytics attribution modeling to determine the value of multiple channels and offers expert understanding and insight with regards to analytics and recommendations for continuous improvement.


Adoption and Maturity Strategy
Assesses potential loss versus opportunity within each tool and action to ensure successful user adoption and measured results. Works toward maximizing profitability over the entire product life cycle, from growth through maturity and decline.
Web Analytics
Fluent in real-time analytics and trends, and able to provide a big-picture overview as well as detailed analysis of sessions, conversion rate, AOV and other vital metrics.
Customer Analytics
Combines in-store and web sales data to report on and optimize cross-touchpoint activity that delivers increased retention capabilities and extends the customer’s lifetime value.
Campaign Analytics
Compiles and provides comprehensive campaign reports that include metrics before, during and after to properly measure audience growth, engagement and residual effect.
A/B MVT Testing
Specializes in creating a highly personalized, targeted and effective user experience through the use of A/B and MVT testing online.


Creates multi-channel mobile strategies that leverage trends in mobile, including mobile sites that behave like apps, shopping capabilities, payment systems, seamless registration processes, and push notifications.
Bridges the digital and physical divide in retail by understanding shoppers’ habits, activities and preferences by using technologies that assist in tracking and adding value to their experiences.
Utilizes multi-channel marketplace solutions to control inventory and manage selling on multiple major platforms to increase sales and growth potential.


Digital PMO
Transforms, streamlines and optimizes support functions by building and managing digital PMOs to maximize global communications and efficiency.
Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms
Brings years of experience navigating and managing enterprise-level ecommerce platforms, leveraging opportunities for brand growth, customization and user experience.
Highly skilled at managing, analyzing and optimizing interactions at every stage of the customer lifecycle via best practice CRM tools.
Global Distribution
Develops successful global distribution strategies and models that take into account supply versus demand, sales, marketing communications, product strategy and development, and brand.

Global Commerce

Customer service
Photo / Video