A visionary leader and expert in all things digital, Igor Bekker brings a wide range of skills and experience. His talents and accomplishments span the complexities of global ecommerce, and his passion for solving complicated problems has led to major advancements in corporate strategy and growth.
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From early-stage startups to established brands to global enterprises, Igor successfully leads companies of all sizes to the next level through critical testing, creative strategy and prolific ingenuity.

Digital Strategy
Team Building
Strategy and Execution
Business Process and Optimization
Customer Journey Building
User Experience
Adtech/Programmatic Building/Execution
Acquisition and Retention
Planning and Budgets
Content Marketing
Analytics and Attribution
Adoption and Maturity Strategy
Web Analytics
Customer Analytics
Campaign Analytics
A/B MVT Testing
Global Commerce
Digital PMO
Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms
Global Distribution
Customer service
Photo / Video


Where proven process meets calculated risk, Igor excels in creating and implementing strategies that cut costs, increase revenue, and accelerate growth.

300% Revenue growth in 2 years and 35% increase in CLV
Defining customer journey maps and building experiences and marketing tactical strategies that are multi--channel and scalable.
$10MM+ in contract savings
Consolidating solutions and relationships, renegotiating contracts, upgrading platforms and re-structuring teams.
500% traffic growth
Evaluating and optimizing channels, and building acquisition and retention programs using Ad tech/programmatic stacks. Modeling and scenario planning to target market.
60+% Conversion rate improvement
Redesigning websites and checkout processes, and conducting rigorous A/B MVT tests.
Increased ROAS 250+%
Leveraging third-party data providers and adapting programmatic solutions to shift budget into profitable campaigns and decreasinge waste. Building financial models and rolling out attribution solution to drive CPA
$10+MM saving in media spend
Deploying DSP/RTB solutions in-house, and eliminating under-performing campaigns to recapture wasted ad spend.
Increased Mobile sales 150% and Cohort by 40%
Launching mobile apps that remains the most visited of its kind on the market.
700% growth in engagement
Producing compelling content optimized to the target audience, optimizing UX experiences, and measuring them via A/B MPV testing.


Unlike other Ecommerce or Marketing professionals, Igor speaks Digital, Marketing and IT languages fluently. His ability to cross barriers and bridge gaps leads to streamlined communications, improved efficiency and profitable results across departments.

Digital Strategy

With an expertly cultivated leadership style that earns trust and builds winning teams, Igor is able to harness the skills and talents of multiple departments. His cohesive digital strategies have been proven to increase customer acquisition and retention, drive sales, and accurately measure performance.


Igor specializes in creating an exceptional customer experience that leads to increased traffic, higher conversion rate and AOV, and an extended customer lifetime value. Additionally, he is highly skilled at negotiating contracts, evaluating ad spend and repurposing budget to produce more impactful financial results.


Igor’s technological prowess spans all major platforms and channels, with an emphasis on enterprise-level ecommerce platforms, email service providers, best practice A/B testing methods, and analytics and attribution tools. He also excels at creating and implementing digital PMOs that maximize global communications and project management.

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